How do I change Property Manager?

It is very simple and strait forward. We can take care of the entire process for you.

Step 1
Contact us by email or phone. We can then step you through the process.
Step 2
Sign a Form 6 agent authorisation form to manage the property for you.
Step 3
Email you current property manager and let them know that we will be coming to pick up the rental file that they have, including current lease, photos, inspections, that have been done and any information prevalent to the property or current tenants.


Our Property Manager
We will do the rest, contact the current managing agent, get the property file, do an immediate inspection of the property, document any outstanding maintenance or issues and then report back to you on how we should be proceeding.
If the property is currently not tenanted? we will just get on with the job of listing it of rent, market it and find you the best possible tenants.  


Exceptional property management equals confidence for property investors.