How do we compare?

You can put your trust in our property management team

We understand that when we’re managing your properties and that you “our client” expect the very best customer service that can be delivered.

Our Online Rental Portal will deliver you the most comprehensive property management reporting information in real time


We have the team you can trust!


We will keep you informed every step of the way

You will having one direct client contact point


We will deliver you continuous and reliable communications that your need


You can expect to be able to handle all of your enquires with one convenient phone call to one contact person who you know and can trust and who will be accountable to follow the inquiry through until a resolution is made.

With automated emailing updates to both property owners and tenants you can be assured no rent payment will go buy unmissed.


Our system includes back-up your inspection photos, financial statements and related documents for quick and easy access at any time anywhere.


It’s time your get your entire portfolio online with us so that you can really start benefiting from the detailed insights it can provide.