Property Management


You can put your trust in our property management team

As an investor are you sick of being handed around from one property manager to the next?

Does your current property manager follow up on your call requests with a sense of urgency?

Does your property manager make excuses for not completing your instructions?



We believe that it’s time to raise the bar in property management. Exceptional property management equals confidence for property investors.


Property owners need the security of knowing that your requests will be met every time and that your property managers are fully equipped with the skills and systems required to manage your investment. As a property owner or investor, these details are the key to achieving maximum financial returns.

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Need to tenant for your property?

High-quality property management

  • High caliber tenants

  • One point of contact

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Reduced vacancy periods

  • Guaranteed client satisfaction and response times

  • Easy property management changeover

  • Latest Technology

How do I change property manager?

It is very simple and strait forward. We can take care of the entire process for you.

Contact us by email or phone. We can then step you through the process. 

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I have multiple rental properties

Investment Property Portfolio

Local Property investors are achieving greater success simply by having their entire portfolio with one real estate agency..

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How do we compare

We understand that we’re managing properties from which our clients expect the very best customer service that can be delivered. We will keep you informed every step of the way and ensure that you’ll only ever have to speak to one property manager who knows all aspects of your property investment portfolio. You can expect to be able to handle all of your enquiries with one convenient phone call to one contact who you know and can trust and who will be accountable to follow the enquiry through until a resolution is made.